I am not what has has happened to me; I am who I choose to become.

Your own inner voice already knows:

“This is what I must do. This is what I must have. This is who I am.”

Together we will build a bridge to the life you were meant to live in relationships, work, and play.

You can expect to clear the blocks that have held you back.

You can expect to gain strength and power with a strategic, personal plan of action to achieve your goals.

Sometimes results come quickly, sometimes it takes more time. Trust your own timing.

what others say

“Marsha’s straightforward communication connects in the most constructive ways imaginable. She is both irreverent and reverent, funny and serious, strong and vulnerable; qualities that she models for us all.”

~ Nancy
One of San Francisco’s 100 Most Influential Women in Business; Founder of Women2Boards.

“Marsha helped me learn how to power over my emotions. I replaced anxiety with confidence in myself. I can’t believe that now i’m teaching my friends and family what I learned. Marsha’s hard work, but it pays off. She taught me how to laugh again.”

~ S.J.

Compassion, clarity, energy and strength, Marsha is an active listener; emotionally, spiritually, practically and personally. Her empathy, humor and collaborative style will help you reach your goals.”

~ David F. Rubin, Ph.D., Psychotherapist