Individual, couples, and family sessions always begin with:

“What do you want?”

Individual Counseling

Safe, confidential sessions heal past wounds and trauma, and also reveal your blind spots (we all have them), often the cause of the unconscious struggle. To be fully seen and heard gives you the freedom to have a unique experience: to be all of yourself. This experience alone heals.

As your wholeness grows and strengthens, so does the clarity and confidence to know “This is who I am, This is what I must have.”

Couples and Family Counseling

Couples and families can identify patterns of dysfunctional interpersonal dynamics that help heal the past. Once the old is released, learning practical communication skills enhances understanding. Often couples & families create  “New Rules” that guide their future. Trust is renewed as conflict and frustration are replaced with empathy and support. The key to success is understanding and accepting each other’s differences; hard, but not impossible.

The work is collaborative, direct, and always empathetic. I listen carefully, responding with a restorative approach that matches your needs, temperament and life situation. The focus is on healing and developing the clarity to know oneself.

 Coaching focuses on results.

Life Coaching

Once you have healed the past and are clear about your goals, coaching can be a next step for those who need support achieving specific goals.

You will clarify your vision, define specific, practical actions, build accountability, and maintain momentum. When difficulties present themselves, (remember—they are opportunities to strengthen) we will work through them together. I will help you focus, focus, focus.

This work concludes when your goals are achieved.

Health Coaching

In mid-life I lost my health, and have successfully healed and regenerated the systems in my body. I understand those who suffer health challenges that have stolen their lives. As your health coach, I’ll help you boost stamina and enhance overall well-being. Together, we’ll explore new ways to improve your physical experience and revitalize your life by rebuilding your health.

I draw on 25 years of experience with traditional Chinese medicine, integrative medicine, Ayurveda, energetic medicine (including homeopathy) allopathic medicine, osteopathy and other forms of somatic healing practices, as well as the exciting field of genetic medicine to find the best approach to achieving and maintaining your vibrant health.

I offer this service because many struggle physically, regardless of their age, with a variety of health challenges. Over the 25 years of my practice, I have incorporated health support in my general practice, and also offer it as a specific service.

what others say

“Marsha’s straightforward communication connects in the most constructive ways imaginable. She is both irreverent and reverent, funny and serious, strong and vulnerable; qualities that she models for us all.”

~ Nancy
One of San Francisco’s 100 Most Influential Women in Business; Founder of Women2Boards.

“Marsha helped me learn how to power over my emotions. I replaced anxiety with confidence in myself. I can’t believe that now i’m teaching my friends and family what I learned. Marsha’s hard work, but it pays off. She taught me how to laugh again.”

~ S.J.

Compassion, clarity, energy and strength, Marsha is an active listener; emotionally, spiritually, practically and personally. Her empathy, humor and collaborative style will help you reach your goals.”

~ David F. Rubin, Ph.D., Psychotherapist