“The teacher and the taught together make the learning”

~ M.Z.

Power is released when a true connection is made.

Every session has the possibility for growth, healing, and profound self-discovery.

As you gain insight into what suppressed you will simultaneously transform your blocks into positive momentum. The next step is to jump start your personalized plan of action.

Confidential sessions are in person in my office in Sherman Oaks, CA, or virtually on a secure platform.

My fee is $200 per session*

*sliding scale available for those who want to work on themselves and need a break on the fee.

My husband and I were ready to separate after 12 years and 2 wonderful children. Marsha helped us understand that we had been talking to ourselves instead of really communicating with each other, a near-fatal mistake. We re-learned to see and hear the person we fell in love with. We have regained trust, and have taken our love and family to the next level.”


Marsha’s comprehensive understanding of the wide range of healing modalities and the individual needs of each client has helped many recover and thrive.”

~ Dr. Lindsay Fontana
Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

I had Zero confidence when I started working with Marsha. I began every session with all the reasons nobody would hire me. Marsha helped me understand I was unconsciously living my mother’s suppressed life, not my own. Today I have a great job doing what I love! I am respected, work hard and am fulfilled. Focus, focus, focus. That’s what I learned. Today I’m a powerful woman making a difference.”

~ M.J.