Women everywhere are claiming their power.

~ M.Z.

We are no longer satisfied living just half of who we are, expressing only the receptive, nurturing, and supportive qualities of Yin-Feminity.

While these qualities are in our DNA, we also possess strength, creativity, and ambition, the qualities of Yang-Feminity. Yang-Femininity is the other half that beckons us to embrace our full range of capabilities and flourish in our authenticity.

As women’s empowerment continues to rise, many of us have experienced an identity crisis, confusing force with true power. In this pursuit of what seemed like power, some of us have unknowingly sacrificed our connection with our bodies and relationships, falling into the trap of false empowerment.

Women everywhere are asking ourselves the question:

How do we find our True Power?

Connie Zweig offers this response:

“… The answers can be found in a woman’s longing to be authentically feminine, to experience herself fully as a woman and, at the same time, to be a strong independent individual whose power and authority are rooted within her.”

To be a Woman

I was forced to answer the question to overcome a life crisis. As I healed, I learned the difference between true power and force. It wasn’t my fault. I was a product of a culture that promoted media-driven, disembodied fake power. After years of diligence and a lot of help, I achieved a synergistic balance between my caring and nurturing heart and achievement in the real world.

I designed and facilitated Authentic Women circles for 25 years both in Southern and Northern California. I wanted to help other woman avoid the mistakes I made. Zweig’s “answer” is my mission statement. Hundreds of women have discovered their own true power as they have experienced what it feels like to be a strong independent individual and a complete woman. Once experienced, the authority is yours forever.

“The teacher and the taught together make the learning”

In these circles we learn together (I am both facilitator and participant, always) how to live a new style of The Feminine that is at once assertive and nurturing, active and receptive, related and autonomous.

I offer new Authentic Woman Circles both online and in person.  Circles form when women who wish to do this transformational work come together.

If you wish more information about how to join a new circle, just contact me.

My husband and I were ready to separate after 12 years and 2 wonderful children. Marsha helped us understand that we had been talking to ourselves instead of really communicating with each other, a near-fatal mistake. We re-learned to see and hear the person we fell in love with. We have regained trust, and have taken our love and family to the next level.”


Marsha’s comprehensive understanding of the wide range of healing modalities and the individual needs of each client has helped many recover and thrive.”

~ Dr. Lindsay Fontana
Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

I had Zero confidence when I started working with Marsha. I began every session with all the reasons nobody would hire me. Marsha helped me understand I was unconsciously living my mother’s suppressed life, not my own. Today I have a great job doing what I love! I am respected, work hard and am fulfilled. Focus, focus, focus. That’s what I learned. Today I’m a powerful woman making a difference.”

~ M.J.